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PAJobsOnline.net was developed by Pinnacle Consulting LLC, a regional human resource consultancy. We envisioned a Web Site to serve the region's employers and job seekers that live or want to work in North Central Pennsylvania.

Recognizing that more than 40,000 online job boards are currently operating in the U.S., our philosophy is to provide a unique experience and service for all who might choose to visit. We have designed this site utilizing our experience as human resource experts to match an employers' culture and requirements with the skills, abilities and desires of talented job seekers.

Our approach may not suit all job seekers or all employers. We have made our processes as simple as possible, but you may find that the right door will require you to spend time and effort knocking or answering the bell. But for those looking for the right job or the right candidate, you will find that this site will assist you in your search. And we guarantee that the experience will be worth your time and that the doors you open, will be worth the effort.

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